Leadership for Revenue Growth


Revenue Growth & Business Performance – With a Twist

We are a network of successful CEO’s and business executives, helping to drive revenue growth through interim/fractional leadership. We are asked to help businesses whose revenue is flat and/or unpredictable, and profit performance is under pressure. We assist in the planning and preparation for exits, and partner with the financial and private equity communities. BUT (here’s the twist!)  we do it with compassion…we listen … we care … we encourage. We help get you to your family … your future … your ultimate raison d’être!

  • Strategies are dated and in need of refresh?
  • Sales performance is sluggish?
  • Teams are disconnected and underperforming?
  • Technology needed to drive revenue is misunderstood and underutilized?
  • Operational efficiency is in question?
  • Confused about new marketing paradigms and “Big Data”?
  • Looking to successfully Exit the business within the next 3-5 years?

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Whether for one day per week or five … for two or three months, or a year, the interim/fractional leadership model is highly cost-effective vs. the risk and cost associated with a permanent executive search, or other option.

Talent Before Tools.

Do you have the right talent on board? How do you know? Is your management team fully engaged and accountable? Is your sales team held fully accountable for performance … beyond quota attainment? Are poor operational processes impacting revenue? Is technology underutilized?

Personal Growth Coaching

Beyond Mission, Vision, and Values, Strategy and Operational Excellence, who are YOU? What drives you and your leadership
team … and what is the correlation to business performance? Does your strategy have a shelf life? Are your employees fully engaged?

We help with the answers!  

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We are also affiliated with OneAccord Partners